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Maritime landscapes of watercolors and acrylic

I was born in Liege on April 20, 1956 and have attracted since early age through drawing, painting and the sea. Self-taught and to gain a good foundation, I signed up for night school at the Art Academy of Bruges.

In 1975, I was enlisted as deck sailor and later I made a career as a commissioned officer in the Belgian navy, then called 'Marines'.
Through professional and family reasons I've been away for a long period of the sea "Heraangespoeld" since 2006 and again busy with the painting of boats, ships and seascapes. After a rich and full career in the Navy, I have time to fully enjoy my passion and experience it.
I had ample time the idea of painting watercolors on charts. Hard paper for watercolors, but with patience and perseverance, my technique was better.
I painted, to raise funds for the association "Save Askoy II", the boat of J. Brel, on authentic nautical charts of the Iles Marquises and Baylys Bay, New Zealand, where the wreck was found.

Arious I painted watercolors on nautical charts, in order for the three-masted barquentine MARJORIE II, an exclusive Boat Hotel & B & B, located in the vicinity of the MAS in the historic docks of Antwerp.
Recently I started painting with acrylics on wreck / driving and other marine wood.
I enjoy to walk along the beach, wharves, docks, slipways and other places of harbors to find my maritime timber and give them a second life.
With water, my watercolor box and acrylic paints, my brushes from one wave to flow the other, they let down the stays and shrouds walk, I feel the spray, rolling and pitching of the boats and ships I paint.

Shortly said,
I sail with them!

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© Daniel Tobias